The Total Real Estate Solutions - Kissimmee
Local Management Team

Nigel Worrall: Broker / Service Provider

Nigel’s business career began in the United Kingdom where, as an entrepreneur, he owned several businesses ranging from fireplace distribution, marble and granite manufacturer, kitchen design studio through to a motor sport enterprise.

He was originally trained as an engineer and worked as a toolmaker and technician for both large and small companies. After ten years of this Nigel decided that a change in career direction was needed, so he went into the sales and marketing industry - selling vacuum cleaners, fully fitted kitchens and chemicals for both small and large multi-national corporations.

In 1989 he was appointed as the General Manager of a fireplace distribution company and shortly thereafter, with his wife Marion, purchased the almost bankrupt company. Within a year, they had turned the company around and the business steadily grew to employ over 50 people and to distribute products to over 750 of the 1200 fireplace shops that were in the UK at that time.

In growing the fireplace business, Nigel and Marion also found time to set up a marble and granite business and this grew to become the 4th largest business of its type in UK within 3 years. Needing a break from all of this, Nigel and his family took a well earned vacation to Florida in the early 90’s and on subsequent trips found they loved it so much that they decided to make the move to the United States for good in 1997.

The businesses in UK were disposed of and Nigel and Marion bought a property management company that managed properties within the vacation home industry. That business has steadily grown since then and is now viewed as one of the leading company’s within that industry.  In 2005, he was honored to be elected as the President of Central Florida Property Manager’s Association and he can also lay claim to doubling the size of the membership during that year and to helping make the vacation home industry become better known throughout the Central Florida area.

Today, he still makes time for the industry that is close to his heart and he heads up the leading program for educating property managers in how to make their business better.

Nigel is also a Realtor, Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Investor, Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Trainer. He is also the current President of his community's Homeowners Association. He was heavily involved with helping the local chapter of the Investors Resource Center of America in his area and has recently been appointed as a National Real estate Investment Coach with Real Mentor™.

Nigel has enjoyed combining his engineering, marketing and sales skills in the Real Estate field since moving to Florida and particularly enjoys working with other Real Estate investors to enable them to fulfill their own goals.

Richard Butler : Broker / Service Provider

Richard is originally from the United Kingdom where he enjoyed a Corporate career in Sales & Marketing within the wine & spirit business.

After reaching the top of his profession, he uprooted his family and moved to Florida in 1993, to buy a property management company. Within a couple of years he had obtained his Real Estate Brokers license and shortly thereafter, moved into the area of vacation rentals.

Over the next few years he developed that business from 14 properties under management to over 300. Richard never wants to deal with a property owner, tenant or vacationer, ever again!

During his period in property manger he served two terms as President of the Central Florida Property Managers Association and was instrumental in developing the Association as a credible industry force. Richard also served as a Director with the Florida Vacation Rental Managers Association (FVRMA) at the State level.

Following the tragic events of 9/11 Richard was looking for other ways to supplement an income that was in decline due to the fall off in foreign vacation visitors.  That was when he discovered the wonderful world of creative real estate.

Since that time he has completed Ron LeGrand’s Masters Program and has enjoyed a period as an instructor with the “American Cash Flow Association”. As well as working as a Real Estate Entrepreneur, he has operated a local chapter of the Investors Resource Center of America and has recently been appointed as a National Real Estate Investment Coach with Real Mentor™.

Richard has enjoyed combining his marketing skills with the requirements of the Real Estate investing world and enjoys working with investors of all levels. He continues to work with other instructors to ensure that their programs feature a solid background in marketing basics. He believes that without a solid foundation in marketing and entrepreneurial skills, the technical expertise that is learned by so many investor’s, cannot be put to good enough use.

He continues to coach and mentor both Real Estate investors and other small business owners. His primary focus is in developing and implementing, quality and quantifiable direct response marketing plans. He also consults with small business and offers a number of “life coaching” options.

Richard is a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Community Association Manager.

Jim Ferrell :  Broker Associate / Service Provider

Jim hails from Huntington, West Virginia, and attended his first auction in the late 60’s with the sole intent of learning how to buy at auctions. He determined that there must be some techniques. The elderly auctioneer who was running the show was surprised to be asked the question and he said it had been 40 years since anyone else had asked him how to buy!

Since then, Jim has met very few people who act like they may know some of these techniques, and only one at a real estate auction. Therefore he can now understand his first mentor’s reaction to the question!
This auctioneer used to chew tobacco, drink, and bid call all at the same time. He would bid call with his country nasal voice technique. Then he would stop to spit, and then start again when he was ready.  Remember, you could smoke and chew everywhere in those days. Since Jim had never smoked, he asked the auctioneer to move the items that he was interested in to the front, since he could not see for all the smoke after the auction was less than an hour old.
After moving to Florida, Jim was a store manager for several retail chains, and then went into the furniture business. This career lasted 19 years until one day the Lord told him to check out going to auctioneer school. He was totally shocked at the idea!  But, in 2003, he became a licensed Auctioneer.  He then earned his Real Estate license and then subsequently his Real Estate Broker’s license.
In Jim’s pursuit of the best techniques, he continued to enquire of the great minds around the world of auctions at conventions, on the internet, and at boot camps.

Scott Steinfeld, another local auctioneer approached him about doing estate sales primarily for people who were moving, downsizing, or for probate liquidation. This became the birth of the joint Estate Sale & Home Auction usually covering all or most of the expenses with the estate sale.

This was at a time that Jim was finding it hard to afford the normal costs of a real estate auction that he was doing himself!. He actually booked sales on Thursday, put an ad in the paper, made copies of flyers, got people to pass them out, got an auto consigned in, and sold all of the estate over the next 3 days.
He then perfected the system into what it is today, a powerful product that will work in almost any market!